Industry is facing a sharp resurgence in Shareholder Activism globally with suboptimal ESG communicators the most vulnerable.

In this webinar we explore the scope, ambition and urgency with which companies can and should address the risks and opportunities presented by the ESG Activism movement.

Topics discussed:

  • Activism as a Force for Good – Integrating ESG and Activism.
  • The ESG Arbitrage – The High-Risk Categories of Complacency, Incompetence and Ignorance.
  • An Industry in Flux – Changing Structure and Notable Trends.
  • Lessons from Recent Campaigns and the key protagonists.
  • Consequences of the COVID Pandemic – A Coiled Spring of Deferred Activity.
  • Best Defence – Disclosure Dynamics and Proactive Engagement.
  • The Future of ESG Activism and The Rise of Constructionism.

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