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Actionable, value-driven insights into your clients’ key shareholders. Uncover their investors, track activists and their supporters, engage with them – giving you the first-class information you need.

How we help

How we help

The most experienced shareholder intelligence team in Europe – unparalleled levels of disclosure and accuracy – complemented by best-in-class Proxy Solicitation to deliver seamless solutions.

Quite often, getting the deal hinges on having better information than anyone else.

This is particularly the case for M&A defence where the vote can go down to the last few shares. Investor Update excels in supplying the crucial holdings and trading detail combined with voting behaviour and intentions of your clients’ investors to enable you to give the right advice, to identify issues or opportunities, to make deals happen.

The right information leads to the right results.

Accurate and detailed shareholder intelligence allows you to identify and confront potential issues early, whether it is an activist entering the register or a proliferation of event funds with differing intentions – and engaging with these investors to ensure the right outcome. Confidence in the analysis means confidence in the advice you give.

“The combination of vast experience in shareholder intelligence and capital markets, regulatory know-how, peerless buy-side relationships and an unwavering commitment to our corporate clients is unique and is validated by every project we complete.”

Patrick Mitchell - Managing Partner

Investor Update was established with a primary mission: to provide top-tier advisory services to corporate IR teams and their advisors. Our commitment lies in delivering the market’s most accurate and current shareholder intelligence, coupled with customised ESG advisory and Proxy solutions. Our focus is on empowering our clients through expert guidance and insights.

Case studies



Intensive Shareholder Intelligence across German and US listings.

Regular, full Shareholder IDs and updates since October 2019 enabling management and IR to engage proactively with investors. Analysis continued post-bid, including board reports and tracking event funds, with a shift to monitoring activists once the deal fell away.

Activist Tracking

Activist tracking ahead of the Annual General Meeting.

Investor Update tracked numerous activists and investors thought to be influenced by activists that our client was concerned about in the months leading up to its AGM. The incumbent Shareholder ID provider was unable to provide the desired analysis. However, Investor Update had the regulatory know-how and buy-side relationships to get accurate and timely disclosure.


Investor Update supported BME pre- and post- SIX Group acquisition bid.

An existing client, BME engaged Investor Update to deliver further analysis once SIX Group bid for it, highlighting significant shifts from the pre-bid shareholder base, including a proliferation of event funds, as well as helping to identify outstanding shares not initially acquired by SIX Group.


Our Shareholder Intelligence
Services Include:


Impactful evidenced-based advisory solutions driven by extensive experience and detailed analysis of high-integrity data.

Share ID

Unparalleled analysis of your shareholder base forms the foundation of a successful IR strategy.


Identify and track activist investors and their supporters in real-time.


Measure the quality of your shareholder base vs peers and identify opportunities for improvement.


In-depth analysis of current levels of ESG investment vs peers and identification of key ESG targets.


Expand your investor universe effectively: meet the right people at institutions and funds that match your profile.


Access unbiased sentiment and feedback from the buy- and sell- side to help optimise your story.


Effectively communicate with your shareholders ahead of critical corporate actions.
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