Shareholder ID Case Study

European Corporates

Consistent outperformance in disclosure levels, accuracy and consistency.

Investor Update’s experience, expertise and unparalleled relationships across the custodian and investment community are highlighted in every Shareholder ID we deliver, whether in transparent or non-transparent markets. Results that you can rely on as a basis for your IR strategy.

Examples of disclosure levels in non-transparent markets:
Germany 99% * Spain 99%
Netherlands 100% Russia 95%
Switzerland 99% Portugal 99%
* Bearer shares
Activist Tracking Case Study

Large-Cap Aerospace

Activist tracking ahead of the Annual General Meeting.

Investor Update tracked four activists and four investors thought to be influenced by activists that our client was concerned about in the months ahead of its AGM. The incumbent share-ID provider was unable to provide the requested analysis yet Investor Update had the regulatory know-how and buy-side relationships in order to get accurate and timely disclosure form all.

The analysis highlighted that the positions of all 8 investors actually decreased in the run-up to the AGM.

Investor Benchmarking Case Study

Large-Cap EM Tech

Is our shareholder base appropriate for our size and sector? Are there opportunities by geography or investor type?

Investor Update carried out a comprehensive Benchmarking Study for Large-Cap EM Tech across key aspects of their shareholder base. The study was welcomed as a health check of IR activities but also gave clear conclusions to management on how to address risks and opportunities in terms of concentration, geographical distribution, active vs passive investment, etc. For example, there was concern around increasing hedge fund exposure in the shareholder base, which our analysis showed was true, but also showed a proportional increase across the peer group, so it was a sector phenomenon rather than a company-specific one.

Another area we looked at mapped IR activities vs geographical pools of capital and actual investment levels to highlight the efficiency of IR interactions.

ESG Benchmarking Case Study

Mid-Cap Insurance

ESG Benchmarking identified significant ESG investment opportunities for our client’s shareholder register vs a selected peer group. Target funds, both passive and active, were identified including the relevant ESG ratings/indices they followed, to determine which metrics were required for qualification.

Investor Update produced board papers to highlight the extent of investment potential to senior management with immediate buy-in and commitment to improving disclosure and reporting around key ESG metrics

Investor Targeting Case Study

Mid-Cap Media

Investor Update’s proprietary targeting methodology ideal for our client to target beyond the usual suspects.

Investor Update’s Investor Targeting methodology was ideal for our client, with targeting by division to optimise outcomes given the diversified nature of business – there was no clear peer group to benchmark against. Investor Update identified large number of qualified targets plus current holders at risk, which was a powerful analysis for IR when setting up subsequent roadshows.

Furthermore, Investor Update was able to provide detailed profiles on the key institutional targets, including current investment levels in each divisional peer group by fund, thus enabling more focused dialogue with each fund manager.

Investor Perception Case Study

Large-Cap Consumer Goods

Comprehensive deep dive into market views of the company’s strategy, communications and management.

15 major investors and 10 influential sell-side analysts were interviewed to garner a broad and frank view of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, delivered by Investor Update in an 80 page report. Whilst Management was held in high regard, there were clear concerns voiced on whether the company strategy was the right one, as well as on the mixed track record of delivery on production targets.

Clear feedback allowed management and IR to counter concerns head-on as well as fine-tuning the strategy to reflect key issues.

ESG Advisory case study

ESG Consultancy

Investor Update were appointed to advise in all aspects of ESG needs.

An AIM-listed animal health company appointed the Investor Update Advisory Team to support the executive team in all aspects of its ESG needs. This multi-year relationship has included a range of projects including a complete overhaul of the company’s ESG disclosure, its KPIs, targets and goals.

After conducting an ESG perception survey for employees we created their first Sustainability Report and more recently we have conducted a Materiality Analysis, drawing together the views all internal and external stakeholders on the drivers, priorities and risks of the company’s ESG strategy.

This bespoke approach to ESG Advisory has made it possible for us to help all kinds of companies at various stages of their ESG journey.

ESG Perception Study

Mega-Cap Pharma

Pharmaceutical Mega-Cap commissioned investor update to conduct a series of ESG-focused perception studies to understand the expectations, preferences and attitude to ESG in this critical and fast-moving industry. Our client’s significant achievements in all aspects of the Environment, Society & Governance are assessed by its current and future investors, identified and prioritised using Investor Update’s proprietary and unique ‘ESG Benchmarking & Targeting’ capability.

Detailed interviews have been conducted, recorded, transcribed, assimilated and analysed to create a deep insight into the psyche of key thought-leaders within the investor community. The multi-year approach reveals an evolution of investor behaviour and reflects the continuing progress made by the client as it raises the bar of ESG performance.

ESG Advisory case study

Pre-IPO ESG Advisory

Investor Update were mandated to advise around ESG Disclosure best practice.

A leading Hong-Kong-based alternative asset manager was considering a public listing with an 18 month horizon. The management team was very focused on ESG leadership globally rather than simply following local listing requirements, and so mandated Investor Update to advise on what should be considered best practice for its ESG reporting and disclosure.

Rather than relying on inconsistent and outdated ESG ratings, the IU Advisory team analysed key peers to gauge ESG leadership-based levels of ESG specialist investment. Analysis of best-in-class ESG behaviours under-pinned the recommendations provided to ensure ESG disclosure standards were not just high but commercially relevant at a sub-sector level prior to the IPO. The ESG Investor Benchmarking analysis also identified key global ESG funds invested in the peers as target investors pre and post floatation.