Advisory & ESG

Helping companies around the world to understand their priorities, leverage their skills and competencies to facilitate essential change & meet the expectations of its shareholders and other stakeholders.

Advisory & ESG

Built on the foundation of our unique analytic capabilities, the IU Advisory business provides bespoke ‘evidence-based’ solutions to companies in all key geographies and industry sectors.

Gain valuable business intelligence on where your ESG profile stands against your peers.

Every company faces its own challenges in times of growth and transformation. The culture, employees and management of a company need to be fully aligned and resourced to fulfil its potential, achieve its ambition and realise its vision.

Proprietary Research

We use our proprietary research and experience, as well as our unique analytical methodologies, we are helping clients from all industry sectors to transform their organizational cultures as part of our ‘evidence-based’ advisory offering.

Ours is a bespoke approach, tailored to our clients needs, ambitions and budgets, creating impactful solutions for both public and private companies, micro-caps and mega-caps and everything in-between.

We view every challenge as an opportunity in the knowledge that we can solve for excellence every time.

Analytical Capabilities

The Investor Update Advisory Offering has been built on the powerful foundation of the analytical capabilities of the core shareholder intelligence business. Our expertise covers all aspects of strategic, investment and ESG pillars, often combining all three depending on the priorities of the client.

How it works

An initial consultation explores the reasons for engagement and clarity on the purpose and goals of the project.
From the outset, we agree a clear definition of what success will look like and a time line of delivery for each component.
All analytical elements of the projects are conducted by our team of experienced consultants in our London-based offices.
Close coordination with the commissioning client ensures accurate, timely and insightful project delivery.
All findings and recommendations are shared through IR-Hub, board-level reports and presentations to senior management.
Our advisory work takes a partnership approach, often through a retainer-based structure for continuity of support and service provision.

2023 ESG White Paper

Request our latest 2023 White Paper: The Unjust Transition

Investor Update publishes a comprehensive assessment of the challenges of achieving a fair and equitable transition.

The ‘Unjust Transition’ represents a material and often uncalculated risk of commercial, operational, reputational and legal disruption for the industry. This paper assembles the perspectives of more than 30 of the most influential entities from across the worlds of industry, investment, charities, and their advisors.
The combined work frames and informs the findings of the 100-page report by Andrew Archer and The Investor Update Advisory Team.

ESG Blog

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Impactful evidenced-based advisory solutions driven by extensive experience and detailed analysis of high-integrity data.

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Unparalleled analysis of your shareholder base forms the foundation of a successful IR strategy.


Identify and track activist investors and their supporters in real-time.


Measure the quality of your shareholder base vs peers and identify opportunities for improvement.


In-depth analysis of current levels of ESG investment vs peers and identification of key ESG targets.


Expand your investor universe effectively: meet the right people at institutions and funds that match your profile.


Access unbiased sentiment and feedback from the buy- and sell- side to help optimise your story.


Effectively communicate with your shareholders ahead of critical corporate actions.