ESG Benchmarking

Identify and integrate your investors’ sustainability concerns into your company vision, complimented by thought-leading ESG research; plus Perception Studies and Investor outreach


ESG Investor Benchmarking

ESG continues to grow in significance – it is crucial that corporates understand the wide range of investor expectations.

Gain valuable business intelligence on where your ESG profile stands against your peers.

Our service provides you with greater transparency about the ESG investors already on your register and which to target.

We will identify, track and benchmark ESG-focused funds, identifying ESG funds that are underweight or absent in you compared to your country and/or sector peers.

Targeting ESG investors

As part of our analysis, we break down your target list of ESG investors into active and passive pools and identify their investment potential at the fund level.

Additionally, we identify which indices are important to these funds and help you understand and implement the required measures and metrics to unlock access to these significant additional pools of capital.

Key features

Coupled with a detailed shareholder ID, Investor Update identifies ESG funds currently invested in your stock and compares weighted ESG investment levels within a focused peer group
Quantify the size of potential ESG investment opportunity in terms of additional purchasing power
Identify specific ESG funds, active and passive, thematically, by market cap and by geography
Highlight the ESG indices, against which key ESG-focused funds benchmark themselves, and uncover which metrics are needed to unlock significant ESG pools of capital
Investor Update will deliver your detailed analysis at fund-level in a board-friendly report
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Learn more about our distinct approach to ESG Benchmarking in our latest brochure. Discover more about our process and some of the key benefits the service offers.

Learn more about our distinct approach to shareholder identification in our latest brochure. Discover more about our process and some of the key benefits the service offers.

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Share ID

Unparalleled analysis of your shareholder base forms the foundation of a successful IR strategy.


Identify and track activist investors and their supporters in real-time.


Measure the quality of your shareholder base vs peers and identify opportunities for improvement.


In-depth analysis of current levels of ESG investment vs peers and identification of key ESG targets.


Expand your investor universe effectively: meet the right people at institutions and funds that match your profile.


Access unbiased sentiment and feedback from the buy- and sell- side to help optimise your story.


Effectively communicate with your shareholders ahead of critical corporate actions.