Understanding your shareholder base is key to crafting an effective investor relations strategy and maximising future growth potential. Knowing which investors are buying or selling, the identification and tracking of activists, spotting opportunities for targeting by region or institution, etc, are crucial aspects to enable efficient and focused IR teams to proactively engage with
their investors. An accurate Shareholder ID is the foundation of a company’s IR strategy.

Today we launch ShareID+, a cloud-based platform that enables our clients to interact with their shareholders and targets dynamically. ShareID+ complements our other online platforms solutions; ESG Benchmarking and Global Investor Targeting.

ShareID+ key features include:

  • Accurately identify institutional and fund ownership (Including ESG leadership capital)
  • Uncover fund manager contacts
  • Track shareholder structure development
  • Benchmark shareholder structure vs peers
  • Identify significant pools of capital through our Targeting Lite module