ESG is the hot topic of fund management in 2020 and it is crucial that corporates understand the wide range of market expectations of them, e.g. reporting and engagement across each of E, S and G, but also to understand which ESG investors are already on their register and which to target.

Ahead of a important study on ESG expectations in H2, Investor Update has launched its ESG Benchmarking product. The identification of which funds are invested, and importantly which are not, allows companies to focus its investor targeting but also to understand and implement ESG requirements of specific funds. The converse is also true, of course: not implementing an ESG strategy will diminish the available pool of investible capital for your company, and the ESG trend will only intensify in coming years.

The first project was carried out for VIG, who were very impressed with the detailed analysis and opportunity to tap significant additional pools of capital. Further mandates are in the pipeline in Germany and Austria.

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