Investor Update is pleased to announce the publication of our latest piece of focused ESG research.

“ESG Reporting – A Moving but Business-Critical Feast…”

By Andrew Archer & Dr Elena Zharikova, ESG Advisory

In this detailed Paper we:

  • Critically assess and define the challenge of ESG Reporting and company disclosure.
  • Comprehensively collate and review the current standards and regulation frameworks related to ESG.
  • Solicit the views of the largest and most sophisticated global investors about what they expect from issuers.
  • Signal the future direction of ESG regulation convergence and framework alignment.
  • Identify and contextualise the solutions and opportunities for impactful and meaningful ESG Reporting.
  • Demonstrate the downside risk of sub-optimal disclosure to Equity Risk Premia, Valuation and access to capital.
  • Directly Challenge the C-Suites of Industry globally to embrace and articulate their role in responsible capitalism.

Those companies that mobilise their efforts to meet the disclosure challenge will build trust with stakeholders and competitive advantage vs their peers. They will be the companies that enjoy higher valuation ratings, a lower cost of capital and greater access to potential capital of all kinds. These are also the companies that will be the leaders of industry through the next critical phase of Responsible Capitalism…”

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