Client Overview

Our client, a household consumer brand, found itself at a crossroads following an unexpected leadership change. The client’s business success was intricately tied to global market dynamics, making swift and informed decisions crucial to maintaining its competitive edge.

The Problem

The ongoing management transition prompted the client to reassess its business strategy. Operating in the ever-evolving landscapes of China and the US, the client faced the challenge of realigning its course amidst global uncertainties. The pressing need was to identify and address key governance and strategic concerns to secure the brand’s future.

Our Solution

Our team initiated a comprehensive perception study to understand the concerns of the client’s major shareholders. Through an exhaustive benchmarking process, we identified key stakeholders and conducted in-depth interviews to gain insights into their perspectives on the company’s direction.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our first step involved engaging with the client’s major shareholders. Through a meticulous benchmarking process, we identified and interviewed key stakeholders to gain insights into their expectations, concerns, and priorities. This process not only provided a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing sentiments but also helped build a bridge of communication between the client and its investors.

Thematic Analysis

Extracting valuable information from these interviews, we conducted a thematic analysis to identify recurring themes. This process allowed us to distil complex stakeholder sentiments into actionable insights, providing a clear roadmap for the client’s future trajectory.

Quantitative Analysis

Complementing qualitative insights with quantitative analysis, we employed robust data analytics to gauge investor sentiments on business-critical matters such as governance practices and strategic direction. This data-driven approach added depth to our understanding and enabled us to pinpoint areas requiring immediate attention.

Visual Representation

To facilitate better comprehension and decision-making, we transformed our findings into visually impactful representations. Infographics and data visualisations were used to highlight key governance and strategy concerns, allowing the client’s leadership to grasp complex information at a glance.


Armed with a comprehensive understanding of stakeholder expectations and a clear visualization of critical concerns, the client successfully pivoted towards a more informed strategic path. The insights gained from our specialist Advisory services not only provided stability during a challenging period but also positioned the brand for sustained success in the dynamic global market. The client’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances and align its strategy with stakeholder expectations exemplifies the transformative power of strategic change-management.

This case study illustrates how, in times of uncertainty, a proactive and data-driven approach to strategic considerations can guide organizations towards resilience and long-term success.

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